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Our Cats Suzanne Fox

Our Cats

Suzanne Fox

Published August 18th 2012
Kindle Edition
29 pages
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 About the Book 

Why not brighten your day by looking at some kitty-cat photos on your way to work, school, college, back home or wherever youre going to? This picture book is eye candy for cat lovers and it sure beats looking at some of the news these days!The author has put together many home photos to share with you some of the joys of living with two cats, Elvis and Matilda.Elvis is a young and energetic cat- he’s playful and always ready to give you a nip when it’s time to refill his food bowl.Matilda is a matriarchal British short-hair tortoise-shell who keeps a knowing watch on Elvis’s antics- she’s an English rose.This delightful little picture book contains over thirty carefully taken images, most with informative/amusing captions. Five of these images are also linked to short home movie clips.Coming to the technical stuff, the author took most of the colour photos using various low-cost compact digital cameras. Several stills, and three of the movie clips, were taken with an iPhone4. The other two film clips were shot using a Cisco Flip and all five were edited using iMovie.Also, a few of the colour photos (and all of the black and white ones) were taken with a 35mm Nikon F2SB film camera of 1970s vintage. Despite its age, its arguable that the Nikon F2SB produced some of the best pictures in the book.Whether you are a cat person already or else just cat curious, we feel sure this charming collection of eye candy kitty-cat pictures will bring more joy to your day.